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PlexiBASS: Plexiglass Shields

As more shops open their doors following the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners in every industry need the personal protective equipment necessary to ensure consumer safety. Plexiglass panels offer an excellent solution for keeping both consumers and employees safe upon their return to “business as usual.” Our PlexiBASS protective dividers are strategically designed to withstand years of continued use, providing long-term solutions for business owners in virtually every industry. Get the plexiglass shields your business needs to reopen safely by contacting BASS Industries today!

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Plexiglass PPE Solutions for Business Owners

Consistent with CDC recommendations, plexiglass panels offer an effective method for reducing the risk of exposure to airborne contaminants. We offer a variety of plexiglass barrier solutions to business owners in a broad range of industries. Our products include:

  • Countertop Sneeze Guards
  • Hanging Plexiglass Panels
  • Mounted Plexiglass Shields
  • Freestanding Plexiglass Barriers
  • And more!

We manufacture each of our plexiglass products in-house, and can even develop custom solutions for your specific business applications. No matter what your plexiglass needs may be, our team has the equipment and products available to enable safe operation at your place of business. Find the custom plexiglass shields you need to get back to work safely by contacting BASS Industries today.

Why PlexiBASS Plexiglass Panels?

While other plexiglass panel manufacturers create both the shield and the base from plexiglass, PlexiBASS products use an aluminum base to provide superior structural integrity. With a plexiglass base held onto countertops with strong adhesive, business owners run the risk of having their panels collapse onto employees and consumers. What’s worse, using these types of adhesives can lead to serious damage on your business’ countertops. By choosing a plexiglass panel with an aluminum base, shop owners can operate without having to worry about the structural integrity of their barriers. And, since our products are attached to countertops using industrial-strength Velcro or screwed-in attachments, we reduce the likelihood of incurring damage to your store’s surfaces.

For over 50 years, BASS Industries has fabricated high-end commercial products that incorporate plexiglass and aluminum framing. We are committed to helping both SMBs and enterprise-level corporations get back to work safely and ethically. Contact our team today to get the PlexiBASS products your company needs!

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Order PlexiBASS Today!

If you’re planning to reopen your business following the coronavirus pandemic, be sure to do so with the right equipment in place. With PlexiBASS protective panels installed in your business, you can rest assured that your employees and customers can get back to business safely. Get the superior plexiglass panels you need to open up your doors by getting in touch with our team today.

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