PlexiBASS Protection Panels

BASS Plexiglass Protection Panels, created in response to the COVID-19 world health pandemic, focus on protecting communities, & provide a perfect turn-key solution for all point-of-sales & point-of-service areas. Anywhere 6 ft. of social distancing is not possible you should be protected with Plexi.

With the expertise of our team, BASS provides quality protection in a timely fashion. Our Sneezeguard Shields serve as an additional safeguard for essential workers and are a solution for all businesses on a phased return to service. Available in both standard sizes and customizable options adding an essential layer of protection for your staff as well as your customers.

BASS protective panels provide businesses, such as grocery, all manner of checkout counter and retail stores, doctor’s offices, reception desks, beauty salons, etc. with a means to safely return to business.

Our Barriers come in Standard sizes & Custom-build options for businesses looking for a specific solution to meet their needs.

Our Screens work for any surface, counter top, and come in hanging, mounted & freestanding options as well. Barriers recommended for the following Businesses: Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Medical/Doctor’s Offices, Veterinary Clinics, Pet Stores, Restaurant Takeout Counters, Drive-Thru Windows, Dry Cleaners, Hardware Stores, Apartment Building I Front Desks, Security Desks, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores