Plexiglass Shields for Safer Business Operations

Businesses all over the world are beginning to reopen their doors to the public following the coronavirus pandemic. As people get back to business as usual, business owners need to ensure they do so safely and ethically. PlexiBASS by BASS Industries provides business owners the protective equipment they need to ensure their employees and customers stay safe in their establishments. Equip your shop with the plexiglass panels necessary for ensuring safe operations by contacting our team today!

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Benefits of Plexiglass Barriers

While plexiglass barriers do not provide a zero-risk solution, they do enhance the overall safety strategy employed within a given establishment. There are many benefits associated with installing sneeze guards throughout your store, including:

  • Plexiglass panels can block respiratory droplets produced by someone in close contact with the barrier
  • Barriers provide a physical separation between employees and shoppers to help enforce social distancing recommendations
  • Use of plexiglass shields are consistent with CDC recommendations as a component of exposure limitation
  • Plexiglass barriers can provide a long-term strategy for reduced risk of other viruses that spread in a similar fashion to COVID-19
  • Presence of plexiglass panels can provide a sense of safety and assurance for employees and consumers alike

By installing a plexiglass shield in your place of business, you can help customers regain confidence in coming to your shop, gym, government facility, or restaurant. PlexiBASS provides a full range of plexiglass products designed for a number of different applications and industries. Contact our team to find the right solutions for your business today.

Why PlexiBASS Sneeze Guards?

Most plexiglass sneeze guards currently in use are created with a plexiglass base and rely on strong adhesives to connect to countertops. This method presents a risk to business owners as plexiglass bases are often not strong enough to withstand continued use, and have the potential to fall on employees and customers. Not only that, but the use of strong adhesives can do irreversible damage to your store’s countertops if not removed correctly.

With PlexiBASS, each of our products is created with an aluminum frame, resulting in stronger structural integrity. We use industrial-strength Velcro or screwed-in attachments to connect plexiglass barriers to your countertops, enabling easy installation and removal without damage. For more than 50 years, we have fabricated high-end commercial products incorporating the use of plexiglass and aluminum framing. We are confident in our ability to product the high-quality sneeze guards your business needs to ensure safe operation following the pandemic. Contact our team to find the best solutions for your specific business today!

plexiglass separator in a medical office

Get PlexiBASS for Your Business!

Give your consumers a renewed sense of confidence when returning to your storefront by installing plexiglass shields. Easily enforce social distancing and remain in compliance with CDC recommendations by incorporating our uniquely designed PlexiBASS solutions. It all starts by contacting our team: Reach out to one of our plexiglass experts to find the protective barriers you need today.

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